A ‘thorough tour de force’ in the municipality of Rotterdam, part 2

The Rotterdam Development Company (OBR) is a body which expands initiatives aimed at the development of the municipal infrastructure in the port. One of the OBR’s recent activities was launching Rotterdam Internet Exchange (R-iX) which is accommodated at a number of locations and functions, among other things, as a market place for the suppliers and providers of internet services. The R-iX also offers co-location facilities to companies and establishments wishing to accommodate their ICT platforms in a professional space.

The Challenge

The R-iX will be accommodated in three different locations in Rotterdam: the Spaanse Kubus, the Schiecentrale and the Wilhelmina pier. Mulder-Hardenberg is involved in two of these areas, which have to be equipped with 19 inch cabinets, channels for glass fibre wiring, UTP wiring, UPS, cooling, fencing, etc. As well as equipping and making the areas suitable, Mulder-Hardenberg has also taken on the project management.

The challenge of the project is twofold. Both areas must be arranged on the basis of the customer’s requirements, not an easy task bearing in mind the size of the R-iX. Part two of the challenge is the sober fact that both locations are as good as inaccessible. One room is situated in a roof structure; the other is three metres under ground level, in the cellar of an underground station. The question is how should the wiring inlets be made and – in particularly – how can all the equipment arrive safely at the correct place.

The Solution

In consultation with the customer a lay-out was made of both rooms and together we came up with a plan. For the problem of (in) accessibility, M-H has thought up two totally different solutions for the locations. A crane will be used to lift the equipment up to the location in the roof structure, with all the related risks. M-H must install wiring inlets at the site in the cellar at the underground station. We will use an excavator for this and we will place it outside the sheet piling so that the necessary inlets can be installed safely 4.5 metres under ground level.

The Implementation

Lifting all the parts will prove to be a sizeable task. A number of the parts from the UPS installation weigh all of 800 kg each!  
But eventually the equipment ended up safely at the location and was installed within the time limit. The construction for the wiring inlets at the sheet piling has been successful.

The result

The OBR is satisfied. The Rotterdam Internet Exchange has been operational since September and functions according to expectations. Rotterdam is proud of its R-iX project. Mulder-Hardenberg is proud of the contribution the company and its staff have been able to supply. The municipality of Rotterdam has already made an appeal to M-H. Taking care of the R-iX assignment is confirmation of the special relationship that the international port has with Mulder-Hardenberg.

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