An Integral Part of the Data Center

The ServerLIFT was created to safely and effectively handle valuable IT equipment in your data center such as servers, switches, UPS’s and related equipment. Designed with the end-user in mind, the ServerLIFT helps maximize productivity and reduce operator fatigue and discomfort.

The ServerLIFT is capable of lifting a maximum of 454 kilos to a height of 2.67 meters using a single operator. The unit easily navigates through doorways and narrow data center aisles.

For added convenience, the electric lifts are equipped with a built-in battery charger and charge indicator. The stabiliser brake system secures the unit so that the user can work safely. A variety of accessories and a hand-controlled version are also available.

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Article nr. ServerLift Type Load Capacity Support Servers to over Recommended
SL-350X Hand-Cranked Lift 159 Kg (350 lbs) 52U high
(8 ft or 2.44 m)
DCs with occasional Server moves
SL-500X Electric Side-Loading Lift 254 Kg (500 lbs) 52U high
(8 ft or 2.44 m)
Frequent Server moves
SL-500FX Electric Front-Loading Lift 254 Kg (500 lbs) 52U high
(8 ft or 2.44 m)
Frequent Server moves
SL-1000X Electric Powered Lift 454 Kg (1.000 lbs) 56U high
(8,75 ft or 2.67 m)
DCs with the heaviest Servers


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