Monitored & Switched PDU

Geist designs and manufactures industry leading technology and software for the four cornerstones of data centre management: 

Geist provides a broad selection of products for singular data centre needs - and when combined - these products form the ultimate data centre management solution. The upgradable power distribution units give datacenter managers the flexibility to install the intelligence in the PDU they require today with the option to upgrade “hot swappable” technology as needs evolve. The patented U-Lock technology will naturally capture and securely lock the power cords in place.

Geist’s software solutions go beyond typical, reactive management systems with proactive feature sets that identify potential problems before downtime occurs.

Geist engineers data centre cooling products that apply award winning air flow technology.
From temperature to security, Geist offers a host of environmental monitoring products to maintain the conditions necessary for mission critical data centre equipment.

Geist’s DCIM solution, Environet, provides unique tool sets that can be applied across multiple locations for collecting pertinent, meaningful data centre intelligence. Whether it’s implementing new technologies or enhancing our superior customer care services, Geist promotes innovation, quality, and satisfaction in all aspects of business.

PGEP Solutions

Remote monitoring
PULTI® I.P Monitoring (AMPS)
Remote control
PULTI® I.P Switcher  (ON/OFF) + Monitoring
Remote environmental monitoring 
PULTI® I.P Environmental Monitoring (temperature, humidity)
Remote monitoring
PULTI® I.P Monitoring (kWh, Watts, Volts, Amps ...)
Reliable power distribution units
PULTI® Power Distribution Unit

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