Belden Structured Cabling

The Most Advanced End-to-End UTP Structured Cabling System — Designed for Beyond 10G Performance

The IBDN System 10GX is Belden’s copper UTP solution for 10G applications. It was the first Category 6A structured cabling system in the market place to verify error-free performance for 10GBASE-T during a live, 3rd party demonstration of the performance capabilities for 10GBASE-T technology. The validation trials were performed on a 100-meter 10GX channel in a worst-case, 4-connector channel configuration (as specified in the TIA Category 6A standard). A real-life example of what this means would be the difference of transmitting high resolution pictures (600 dpi) at 20 perminute at 1 Gb/s, versus 200 perminute at 10 Gb/s.
The market’s need for 10G performance is chronicled on the following pages, along with a detailed discussion of the enabling technologies that make the IBDN 10GX Solution the top 10G Technology System in the marketplace today.

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Belden and Mulder-Hardenberg knows your data center is much more than a space that simply houses servers and network equipment. Fueled by e-commerce and the IP world we live in today, the data center has become the most critical asset – and investment – for nearly every organization.

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