CCS Structured Cabling

CCS is a worldwide manufacturer of Structured Cabling Systems including solutions for twisted pair copper Cat 6a, Cat 6 and Cat 5e and OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OS1 and OS2 for optical fibre systems.

CCS is a leading supplier with authorised partners into the British, European, Middle East, African and Meditteranean and Asian Pacific structured cabling markets, comprising end-to-end connectivity for high-speed LANs and Data Centres.

Expert Support
Mulder-Hardenberg thrive on exceeding customer requirements. We have specialist personnel with a high level of expertise in each individual product category to ensure your technical queries are answered. This dedication is also matched by our sales team offering excellent pre and post sales support for a fast and efficient customer service.

Innovative Design
CCS strive to design and produce innovative networking products utilising the most advanced design and network analysis equipment. The in-house facilities makes it easy to customise products to clients' requirements and manufacture bespoke items.

25-Year System Warranty on components and labour! The CCS™ solution is independently third party verified in component and channel performance and, when delivered and installed by a CCS™ Certified Partner, provided with a 25-Year System Warranty.

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