Security and monitoring for an ISP's Server room

Like so many Internet Service Provider’s, the main issues of our client concern - amongst others - the ever increasing need for capacity and storage, the features of the cabinets, data transport, power supply, cooling facilities, the availability of space and, last but not least, an adequate security. The provider (our customer) lets cabinet space to other parties (co-locating).

The Challenge

The Internet Service Provider demands a security system for the entire site. At the same time, accessibility of the client must be guaranteed, but with restrictions; customers should have only access to their own cabinet (or their part of it), not to those of other customers. All information has to be monitored and stored.

The contribution of Mulder-Hardenberg will be the delivery and implementation of the cabinets and the cable management system for both copper and glass fiber cables. M-H will be responsible as well for isolating the space between the cases, for temperature conditioning of the servers with the help of designing hot and cold aisles. Moreover, it is our task to deliver the access code system for the cabinets that will also detect the consumed power.

The Solution

A site survey has been made by M-H to locate the possible bottlenecks. At the location itself, trouble free access to the place where the cabinets will be installed could be one of them. The number of cabinets that need to be provided with an access code system have to be determined and also the power capacity for each cabinet. M-H will map the routing of the cable management system, both for copper and glass fiber cables.

The Implementation

In the past, M-H has executed more projects for this client, with positive result. So both parties expect no difficulties with the implementation of the new additions. In fact, installation proves to be no problem at all, access to the cabinets turns out to be easy. The solutions are achieved and implemented with Cannon Data & Server Cabinets, Cannon Guard Security, Warren & Brown Fiber Ducting and Defem Cable Trays.

The result

With the implementation of the Cannon Guard, both security of the system and access to all the cabinets can be managed from one location and by only one individual. Savings, moneywise, are as much as 50% for security and up to 70% for consumption of the power capacity by the end user. A planned expansion of the system next year will be executed with the same solution.

The present network of our client has come to the limits of its possibilities and speed. The company will ask Mulder - Hardenberg to come up with a solution for a new network, based on Belden Cable.

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