Environmental monitoring

Why do I need CannonGuard?

Do you want to know:

  • What temperature your equipment is running at?
  • How much power those servers are actually using?
  • If your cooling system is working correctly?
  • If your UPS is running?

And/or do you want to:

  • Remotely open your enclosures, allow access and record entry by keypad/RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)?
  • Remotely power up or down any servers, routers and/or power distribution units?
  • Turn on your equipment sequentially?

Well now you can!
Control access to your equipment and remotely monitor all this and much more from anywhere on the globe with CannonGuard from CannonTechnologies. CannonGuard comprises a suite of hardware modules and software that provide local and remote control of every aspect of your racks, cabinets, Hot & Cold Aisles, cages, data rooms or outside enclosures. The system is based on 'plug and play' modules that can be used stand alone or daisy chained together into a high security, resilient system. It enables remote control from multiple locations concurrently, with full event recording and audit trail.

The 'Set It and Forget It' functionality of the CannonGuard system allows peace of mind for your IT investment - if you can't watch over it, CannonGuard can.

Access - CannonGuard can be easily accessed via:

  • CannonView software, accessible via PC or laptop (XP/Win7)
  • Web Browser (IE, Firefox, etc.)
  • PDA/Smartphone (Application)
  • Mobile (SMS)

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